September 20, 2016



Have your ever wondered why using Silver brazing alloys ?
The answer is simple: Silver Brazing is a metal joining method that exhibits exceptional features: let’s see them.
First of all brazing is easy.
Making a proper brazed joint, in fact, is so easy that little operators’ training and skill is needed, and the process can also be easily automated.
Brazing is also versatile.
By brazing it is possible not only to join a wide variety of ferrous and non ferrous base metals, but also to join together different metals, even with widely different melting points.
Brazing is strong.
A properly designed and executed brazed joint will have high mechanical properties and the tensile strenght of the joint could even exceed base metals’ strenght.
That is: the brazed joint will almost always be the strongest part of an assembly.
Brazing is leaktight.
Because of its unique properties, brazing is the optimal choiche whenever there is the need to ensure an hermetic seal, such that required in assemblies that will transport liquids or gases.
Brazing is resistant to aggressive environments.
Provided due care is taken in choosing both the parent metal and the filler materials to be used for a particular application, the resultant joint will resist attack from a wide range of corrosive media.
The joint will also be able to withstand both subzero and elevated service temperatures.
Brazing is economical.
A properly designed and executed brazed joint will require a minimal amount of filler material, being therefore an economically favourable process.
In summary brazing is an easy, reliable and cost effective joining tecnique that ensures strong and leaktight joints.
It is because of these and other outstanding properties that brazing alloys are today used with highly succesful results in many different industrial sectors.

In the following posts, we will present and explain the basic concepts and elements of brazing, in order to have the possibility of taking full advantage of its exceptional properties and to produce sound and reliable joints.

STELLA Technical Department