May 24, 2022


Copper brazing pastes are homogeneous mixtures obtained from filler material in powder, flux and binder, chosen according to base materials to be joined and oven atmosphere. They are perfectly suitable for low carbon steel and stainless steel. The brazing method that uses copper brazing pastes is particularly appreciated for reasons of productivity and costs.

It can be applied only in some contexts and fields… Let’s find out more!


Before starting the process, copper paste is distributed on surfaces with specific hand or automatic dispensers: they release only the right amount of paste for brazing.

Brazing takes place in static, vacuum or continuous furnaces with controlled atmosphere (protective or reducing). So, you can easily understand that brazing with copper pastes is well-suited for series production, for a great number of standardized joints.

Compared to traditional methods with solid alloys (rings and other preforms from wires and strips) in furnace, copper pastes permit higher productivity and a good saving of costs, but they also require a particular attention to operating procedures.

Fields that use this brazing process are the same that involve series productions, especially automotive, refrigeration and heating systems, electrical industries.


The offer of Stella srl includes high quality copper brazing pastes, but it is not limited to products: in fact, we provide technical and prompt assistance in suggesting the most suitable alloys and the right operating processes for your specific needs.

Moreover, don’t forget we offer other pastes and powders for copper-phosphorous, nickel, aluminium, silver alloys and soft solders, too.

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